Mar 5 • 33M

How We Get to the Wilderness

And, Why We Should We Care About Lent.

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Heather Weber (Dear Exiles)
Like the Hebrew exiles in Babylon, people of faith need a road map—or a story or a song—to envision a life of flourishing while living far from our heavenly home. Join me if you, too, are endeavoring to build a house or plant a garden in the spirit of Jeremiah 29. I’m talking in metaphors, of course. (Extra points for you if you literally operate power tools and grow tomatoes.)
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As promised, here’s the first in a Lenten podcast series—just a tad late to the season! This sermon was originally preached at CityChurch on February 2, 2020, about six weeks before all our lives dramatically changed because of Covid-19. It was ironic to me that the shutdown happened in the middle of Lent and shortly after our church’s meditation on Jesus’ wilderness experience.

Today, you may find yourself in a metaphorical wilderness for reasons other than a worldwide pandemic. Are you there because of difficult circumstances? Or, like Jesus, did the Holy Spirit drive you here so that you could be strengthened by God? Or, have you sought the wilderness on purpose in order to meet with God? I hope this message offers some new frameworks for how you might think about your own wilderness experience.

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